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4 Key Strategies for a Successful Public Engagement Meeting

When managed well, public engagement in the design process can build momentum and support for the project, solve problems, and help ensure the project is as responsive as possible to the community’s needs and desires. With decades of public involvement under our belts, we offer the following tips for planning and executing a successful public... Read Full Post

Austin's Oak Hill Parkway Success Story Presented at ASLA Conference

RVi Principal and Vice President Mark Smith presented alongside TxDOT Project Manager James Williams and RTG Transportation Engineer Wade Strong last month at the Texas ASLA Annual Conference in Fort Worth.  In a presentation entitled CSS: Where Process Meets the Road, the trio highlighted the use of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) as the process which... Read Full Post

RVi Helps ABIA Recover after October Floods

Last October brought flooding of historic proportions to Austin that temporarily shut down Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), flooded the control tower, and handicapped operations for nearly five days.  Although flights resumed their normal schedules months ago, the airport is still working to complete its flood recovery effort. This includes renovating the flood-damaged landscape around... Read Full Post

Show and Tell: The Importance of Visualization in Transportation Design

How many words is that picture worth? For many of us involved in the design of the built environment, renderings and visual simulations are valuable tools that can transform a mundane, two-dimensional CAD drawing into an appealing, three-dimensional color image which communicates the look and feel of the project much more effectively to clients and... Read Full Post

Neighborhood Design Enhances Quality of Life for Mueller Residents

Walkability, density, connectivity – any conversation about the built environment today will almost certainly involve these buzzwords.  Sometimes we hear and use these words so frequently that they can start to lose their impact.  So when we learned about a recent study by Texas A&M associate professor of architecture Xuemei Zhu that measured the results... Read Full Post

Conference Recap: Reclaiming Urban Infrastructure for the Public

For Central Texans, April brings many things – showers, warmer temperatures, oak pollen.  But for me, this April brought the much-anticipated Greater & Greener 2015: Innovative Parks, Vibrant Cities conference in San Francisco.  It was truly one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.  The event aimed to explore the role of urban parks in... Read Full Post

Project Spotlight: Oak Hill Parkway

In 1981, Architect Kevin Lynch asserted in Good City Form that, “We might think of travel as a pleasure, rather than a brief and necessary evil.” Lynch’s perspective that transportation infrastructure should enhance the urban experience rather than undermine it preceded the introduction of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) by almost 20 years. Nevertheless, he captured... Read Full Post