Our team brings decades of experience to each project.

Lindsey Woodard Lindsey Woodard Office/Business Development Director

Patrick McGannon Patrick McGannon Landscape Architect

Monica Allen Monica Allen Administrative Manager

Robert Whittemore Robert Whittemore Landscape Architect

Brad Sweitzer Brad Sweitzer Planner / Landscape Architect

Noah Halbach Noah Halbach Planner / Landscape Architect

Aaron Christian Aaron Christian Landscape Architect

Haley Bartley Haley Bartley Marketing Coordinator

Robin Winter Robin Winter Designer

Wes Gentry Wes Gentry Designer

Erin Daniels Erin Daniels Designer

Sarah Boyer Sarah Boyer Designer

Nhasala Manandhar Nhasala Manandhar Designer

Michael Minero Michael Minero Designer

Mary Nell Miskin Mary Nell Miskin Designer

Special thanks to Holly Reed for our staff portraits.