We are excited to share the news that the Mueller Southwest Greenway has received an Honor Award from the ASLA Texas Chapter. RVi’s own Barbara Austin accepted the award together with Pam Hefner of the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department. The award was presented at the Texas ASLA Conference Awards Reception in San Antonio earlier this month.

The Southwest Greenway is an example of how parkland can become a community asset through environmental restoration, education, and connection with residents. Designed by RVi as a series of “rooms,” the 30-acre public park features a variety of seed mixes selected to support different uses, and signage throughout the park educates visitors about all aspects of the prairie. The Southwest Greenway also serves a very important role in stormwater management for the community, featuring a beautiful pond that not only filters and slows the stormwater, but also blends seamlessly into the landscape.

Prior to redevelopment, much of the Southwest Greenway was a paved, impervious parking lot serving the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. Fueled by a strong public-private partnership between the City of Austin and developer Catellus Development Corporation, the design team restored the native Blackland Prairie habitat that once existed on the site. The Blackland Prairie provides critical ecological services, including water infiltration and the capturing of atmospheric pollutants. Many Texans have never seen a native Blackland Prairie, though the habitat once stretched from Central Texas to Manitoba. Less than 1% of the former Blackland Prairie remains today – and nearly all of it exists in rural settings.

We would like to thank the entire design and development team for their role in this award-winning project – especially the City of Austin, Catellus Development Corporation, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, ValleyCrest Landscape, Bury, and McCann Adams Studio.

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