Last week marked the groundbreaking of the Parmer Lane Sustainable Roadway project, a 1.5 mile extension of Parmer Lane from US Highway 290 to State Highway 130. The result of a partnership between the City of Austin, Travis County, and Titan Capital Investments with local developer Dwyer Realty, the Parmer Lane Sustainable Roadway embraces a relatively new approach to roadway design known as Low Impact Development. Rather than trapping water runoff through a conventional stormwater system, this roadway was designed with a series of bioswales alongside it. Though detention ponds have improved the way we treat and release stormwater, the bioswale system takes sustainability one step further by distributing the water over a larger area and allowing it to soak back into the soil much closer to where nature originally intended.

In addition to providing a much-needed connection between Highways 290 and 130, the Parmer Lane Sustainable Roadway will also open the door for development of the Wildhorse Ranch master planned community. Situated on approximately 1,450 acres, Wildhorse is being developed by Titan Capital and Dwyer Realty, and is expected to have its first homes under construction early next year. RVi is providing master planning and landscape architecture services for both Wildhorse and the Parmer Lane Sustainable Roadway project.

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