Over the past two years, I could not have imagined a better internship experience than this one with RVi. As a student at Texas State University, I hoped to simply complete a six-month internship course, but little did I know that I would be sticking around much longer than that. As a marketing major and no landscape architecture experience, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I challenged myself to take on tasks I knew nothing about – which was just about everything!

At RVi, the first thing I learned was that everybody was always willing to lend a hand. Whether I needed support or guidance on a project, I could count on someone to have the answer. I learned that asking questions wasn’t a bad thing and I actually learned the most by doing this. As much as I like to trust Google with all of the answers, people’s personal experience really is the best resource.

Working with such passionate co-workers, motivated me to make that commute from San Marcos to Austin every other day. I was especially excited on days when I could sit-in on client meetings and presentations. Whether I was working on marketing material or a project presentation, I always learned something new. The hands on experience taught me far more than I ever could have learned in the same amount of time in school.

One of the most important things I learned in my internship is that no task is ever too small. There is always a purpose behind why you are completing something and it should always be given 110%. By taking a step-back and looking at the bigger picture, I was able to understand the in-depth details that go into each space that RVi creates. The project vision is just as important as the final result along with every step along the way.

It has been so much fun to step-out of my comfort zone, growing not only personally, but professionally, and finding an industry I am passionate about. I am sad to see my time come to an end, but I am grateful for all that I have gained from my internship with RVi, for all the awesome people I have worked with and cannot wait to apply my new knowledge after graduation in August!