World record holder Joey “Jaws” Chestnut devoured 69 hot dogs in ten minutes at the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. Although he sets the precedent, there are many who follow in his footsteps hoping for glory, including our very own intern, Haley “Ketchup if You Can” Armstrong.

Competitive eating has become quite the sport since its start in 1916 – with world-wide participation and its very own regulating organization, Major League Eating. (Fair warning: prepare to be sucked down the rabbit hole of chicken wing eating techniques and upcoming contests such as Kale Yeah!: the world’s heathiest eating championship.)

With such global captivation, you better believe the competitive eating craze hasn’t escaped the AEC industry. That’s why, last week, Dallas’ Brightview Landscape Development hosted its annual intern/rookie hot dog eating competition at the Rustic off Howell Street.

With the same spirit of excitement and moderate gluttony that accompanies all eating contests, Haley entered the event to represent RVi.

Elbow to elbow with six competitors, Haley started out strong running neck and neck with the eventual winner at a pace of one hot dog a minute for three minutes. She finished out the contest with a total of six hot dogs in the allotted ten minutes, displaying incredible sportsmanship and technique.

While she narrowly missed the big prize money, she did come away with an RVi fanbase and a place among the esteemed competitors of food-stuffing.

Way to go, Haley! You made us DOGGONE proud!