We are thrilled to share the news that Chip Mills, Vice President in RVi’s Austin office, was recognized as ULI Austin’s 2018 “Member of the Year” at the annual Impact Awards ceremony that took place earlier this week. Chip shared the spotlight with Greg Weaver, Executive Vice President of Catellus Development, who received the “Influence Award” in recognition of his sustained contribution to the ULI Chapter. Gary Farmer, CEO of Heritage Title, received the “Vision Award” and Caitlin Admire with Perkins+Will received the “Young Leader of the Year” award.

In addition to serving as an influential leader in Austin’s real estate community, Chip spearheaded the creation of ULI Austin’s NEXT Program and served as the inaugural Chair since 2016. Guided by a Steering Committee, the ULI NEXT initiative engages, connects, and elevates the next generation of leaders through a network of multi-disciplinary small meeting groups, known in the program as “Flights.” Chip reflects on his time as Chair and the talented team members with whom he’s had the opportunity to collaborate:

“It has been an honor serving on the management committee and working alongside ULI staff over the past two years. The caliber of the folks on the committee is incredible, and I’ve benefited tremendously from being a part of this group. We didn’t have a true template when we started NEXT, but once the structure was identified it became clear there was significant demand for this program. We were very thoughtful about who we selected to lead each flight, and in doing so, we identified individuals who were not only highly respected in their field, but who also understood our vision and could execute effectively. The success of the program is a direct result of our Flight Leaders’ hard work and dedication. They are the true award recipients.

Special thanks to Paulette Gibbins, Ariel Romell, Cheryl McOsker, Sean Abbott, Seth Mearig, David Carter, Elizabeth Good, Matt Dungan, Elliott Doerle, Robert Deegan, Jonathan Fleming, Janki DePalma, and RVi’s Dennis Tonsor.”

With Chip’s tenure as ULI NEXT’s Chair coming to an end, he has taken on a new role as Co-Chair of ULI Austin’s Regional Growth Local Member Council alongside Vaike O’Grady, Regional Director of Metrostudy. Embracing the Regional Growth Council’s purpose of ‘encouraging innovative, sustaining, and economically viable land use solutions,’ Chip is optimistic about the potential positive impacts the Council can have on the region. “We have a very strong Council consisting of influential real estate professionals and City representatives. The response from the community has been amazing. The positive impacts are already being felt across the region, and we’re just getting started,” he said.

Paulette Gibbins, ULI Austin’s Executive Director, shared the following: “Chip has had such a positive impact on ULI Austin this past year. ULI Austin’s NEXT program has really taken off under Chip’s leadership and has become a model for the rest of ULI Americas. What started as a single Central Flight has grown to five flights engaging over 80 participants. Chip also stepped up to chair the Regional Growth Council, which became our most popular Local Member Council during the latest application round. Chip’s hard work and dedication to ULI Austin has set up two great programs, which members will benefit from for years to come.”

Chip has been a member of ULI for over 10 years and also serves at the national level on the Community Development Council’s (CDC) Black Flight.