Over the past year we have been working on many components of the RVi brand, starting with our Purpose Statement: to inspire people to be outside and engage in the community around them. This purpose laid the groundwork for everything that follows, including an updated aesthetic that embodies the spirit and character of RVi.

Spicing it Up: Brand Personality

After we finalized our purpose statement, our next step was to identify six key “personality traits” of the RVi brand. Just like people, brands develop personalities that are the result of the many interactions we have with them. We want RVi to exude these personality traits across the spectrum, from the design of our logo, to our corporate culture, to the service we provide to our clients. As such, these traits needed to be a realistic reflection of who we are as a firm. The 6 key personality traits we identified are:



A Fresh Approach to the Logo

RVi’s previous logo served us well for over a decade. But it was time for a change that would reflect our fresh, purpose-based approach. Building upon our purpose statement and personality traits, we began the process of designing the new logo. Our goals included:

  • Simple, modern, refined
  • Looks good in both color and black/white
  • Jives with our personality traits and purpose statement

With these in mind and with the help of a graphic designer, we looked at over 50 logo options. We narrowed it down to three, and then to one. We tweaked. We performed color studies. And finally, we found the one!

The Finishing Touch: A New Tagline
Concurrently with the logo redesign, we launched an internal call for ideas for our new tagline. The tagline is designed to accompany RVi’s new logo in situations where we want to communicate more about who we are. We set several goals for the new tagline:

  • Short and simple
  • Call to action
  • Inspirational to the reader
  • Strong correlation with purpose statement and personality traits

We received over 100 tagline idea submissions from our employees. Again, we tweaked. We combined multiple ideas. We created a shortlist. And we settled upon our favorite:



Next Steps
After a year full of searching, discovery, and synthesis, we are proud to introduce you to our refreshed brand. But it is important to note that we’re not done yet. For us this is not just a marketing exercise; it is an opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement in all that we do as a firm. Our brand refresh will continue for the foreseeable future, as we evaluate how things such as internal practices and community partnerships pair with our purpose statement. Stay tuned!