Charles and Ray Eames were the O.G. rock stars of design. Graphic design, architecture, fine art, film, industrial design – they did it all. If, by chance, you don’t recognize their names, I’m certain you will recognize some of their work – including their chairs, which have stood the test of time and are still found in many homes and offices. As it turns out, today we’re thinking about the many considerations that go into designing a great place to sit.

Here at RVi we are well-known for our understanding of the big picture. But as Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They are the design.” A lesser known fact is that we really enjoy getting into the details around here, too. A current example presented itself this past month, when the need for a new bus stop emerged within Headwaters, a master planned community we are proud to have been working on for the past five years. Two groups of school children, a little over a dozen per group, find themselves waiting to catch the bus every weekday morning. Tasked with creating a safe, comfortable place for them to wait for the bus, we began to think about the details.

We thought about how we sit, what makes us comfortable, and what we do while we’re waiting. We began to conceptualize a bench that will allow these kids to interact, play games, and just have a comfortable place to hang out together before school. We also considered material finishes, long term maintenance and overall functionality. Starting with basic sketches and working through construction details, we came up with a design we are excited to see take shape. We believe this bench will not only fulfill the safety requirements of the bus stop, but will also provide a place for kids to engage with one another in their community.
Stay tuned for updates as our little bench takes shape and becomes part of a much larger RVi-designed community.