From urban infill to large acreage, project sites can pose a whole host of challenges for development teams. At RVi, we specialize in helping our clients and team members tackle these challenges and make informed decisions. RVi provided landscape architecture and professional 3D visualization services for Laurel Creek, a new affordable housing complex located on North Lamar in Austin, Texas. The 5-acre site, like many other available properties in Austin, possessed difficult grading challenges that were creating larger issues in terms of access and affordability. Working closely with the project team and the client, local nonprofit Foundation Communities, RVi built a 3D terrain model for the entire site, overlaying the design plans onto the site’s terrain. This allowed the team to more accurately see how the project would fit into its final context and proved instrumental in overcoming the topographical issues.

With the terrain model in place, we were able to facilitate direct coordination with the civil engineering team, Civiltude. Through this coordination, the team resolved that we could drop the finish floor of the third building by two feet, saving Foundation Communities thousands of dollars in fill costs! In addition, the terrain model was utilized to meticulously coordinate the structural footings of the various building overhangs, saving valuable time in the field.

To further bring the project to life, our final deliverable included high-quality, polished 3D renderings that Foundation Communities included in their presentation package for federal funding. By displaying an accurate representation of the architecture, engineering, and landscape design, these renderings provided the owner and stakeholders involved valuable insight to what the final product would look like.

RVi’s ability to visualize and validate these design solutions early on in a project can often resolve site and budget constraints before getting too entrenched in the overall design. We love challenging projects, and we specialize in finding creative solutions that not only add value to owners but also keep their projects financially viable.