With the mountain of changes that are suddenly upon us due to COVID-19, the business world is turning to digital tools more quickly than we ever thought possible. Many of us are stepping outside our comfort zones to find new solutions. Virtual meetings are now the primary way that we are communicating with our teams, clients, partners, teachers, family members, and even doctors!

At RVi, we have been using Virtual Site Visits since long before coronavirus was a household name. This tool helps transport our team members and clients to projects across the U.S., from the comfort of their newly-established home workspaces. While maintaining compliance with current travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, our Virtual Site Visits allow us to communicate site conditions to our clients, their stakeholders, and other consultants in order to have more productive conversations about the project at hand.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the site for one of our upcoming parks projects in the Mueller Development in Austin, TX.

Do you have a project that would benefit from a Virtual Site Visit? Contact me today to learn more about this helpful service.