Here at RVi, our two core services of Planning and Landscape Architecture allow us the distinct pleasure of being involved with a project from the very earliest stages of planning a raw piece of land, through construction and seeing those plans and designs come to life. However, not all projects follow this perfect linear path of being planned, designed, and constructed in one fell swoop.

I’m part of RVi’s planning team and have been involved with many master planned communities throughout my 32 years in the business. As anyone in my line of work knows, it is not uncommon for many years – even decades – to pass by without seeing a planning project come to fruition. We are all at the mercy of the economy, and projects often fall victim to unfortunate timing with market cycles. But all is not lost when projects go dormant – oftentimes new opportunities are created in recovery periods.

An economic cycle of recession and recovery which may put a project on hold for, say, 10 years affords us the opportunity to adjust to new market realities, rejuvenate our designs, and apply a more modern approach. One example of this is a project called Marisol Ranch in Surprise, Arizona. I personally began planning this project over 20 years ago during a time when I owned my own business. I developed a wonderful relationship with the property owner and have stayed in touch with him throughout multiple real estate cycles. When it was time to revive the project in this most recent recovery period, we had the benefit of a very talented RVi team to work together and infuse new life into the project, which achieved unanimous approval from the Surprise City Council in June of 2019. Our landscape architecture team is now working on implementing these plans which have evolved over the past two decades.

Marisol Ranch is but one example I have experienced where projects I’ve touched throughout my career end up coming back around for a second (or third, or fourth) iteration. Personally, I love this opportunity to breathe new life into a project and to approach it with fresh eyes. These types of opportunities are rooted in our commitment to providing unmatched service to our clients and remaining on the forefront of innovation in planning and design. As I look back on over three decades in this business, one of the most satisfying things as a land planner is to see a project completed with a happy client and end users who truly enjoy the spaces we create.