I will never forget the date: March 16, 2020.  I pulled up to my kids’ daycare to drop off my one and three year-old children, and instead of finding their welcoming teachers ready to greet us, I found an empty parking lot and sign on the door saying that the daycare had closed indefinitely due to COVID-19.  My heart immediately sank. How on earth were my husband and I going to balance our careers and take care of our two toddlers full time?

The first few months were undeniably challenging, as my husband and I both tried to juggle our full-time jobs working from home with our two children constantly needing our attention. Fortunately, I had one pandemic advantage: I work for RVi, and their family-friendly approach and open communication went a long way toward helping my family achieve the balance I needed to care for my kids while remaining productive at my job.

Things were moving fast back in March, and it felt like every day we were learning new things about the disease and precautions to stay safe. In the months following our switch to working from home, managers intentionally reached out to check in not only on my work, but also on my general well-being. This provided the space for me to communicate what was and wasn’t working for me through the transition. As our project load continued to increase, these open lines of communication proved vital to staying connected and productive as a team.

After three months of working from home full time without childcare, I was exhausted and at the end of my rope. While I valued the additional time I got to spend with my two kids, I was trying to make up work hours early in the mornings and late at night. I knew this wasn’t sustainable, so I reached out to RVi’s leadership for help. They were incredibly supportive and helped me figure out a plan that worked for my individual situation. I am happy to say that I am now able to put my full effort toward work during my work hours AND my full effort toward my kids when they need me. This gave my family the breathing room we needed to set a more balanced course through the pandemic. 

Despite all of this, RVi has continued to invest in me, giving me new opportunities for growth and ultimately promoting me to a more senior position even during the pandemic. When they learned that I needed additional flexibility to care for my family, they responded to my needs and provided me the conditions I needed to continue growing and thriving in my career.

Commitment to Employee Health and Wellbeing
Extreme circumstances bring out the character not just of individuals, but of companies as well.  This pandemic is the definition of an extreme circumstance, and I’ve been proud to see how RVi’s character has emerged. The firm has proven itself to be responsive not only to meeting the needs of our many clients, but also to meeting the needs of its employees through these unprecedented times. RVi quickly adopted work-from-home policies to keep its employees safe, ensured we had access to technology that would allow us to serve our clients and communicate with one another, and provided the clear communication and flexibility needed to set its employees up for success as we each adjusted to our own individual needs through the pandemic. I am incredibly proud to work for a company that is invested not only in my productivity output, but also in my family’s well-being. By supporting its employees, RVi has ultimately created the conditions for each employee to do their best work for our clients as well.