Throughout my life, I always enjoyed painting and art. My father and I would watch Bob Ross for hours – marveling at the masterpieces he would create. As a shy child, creating and painting helped me to express myself in a way that words could not. My imagination, thoughts, and feelings would spill out onto the paper, creating a wonderful world of abstract color, lines, and shapes. Today I still paint to express myself but am able to do so with a bit more direction and in a way that helps me professionally as a landscape designer.

All through my education and professional experience, I’ve used my love for painting to explore my design process. It has not only allowed me to experiment with different design layouts and ideas, but also enhances my creative thinking in a stress-free, relaxing environment. I try to use the same flow, experience, and knowledge I’ve cultivated throughout the years on my designs. Recently, I was able use this process to create different concepts for an iconic monument sign for our Waterstone project, a new community in San Marcos. By utilizing the painting skills that are so familiar and natural to me, I was able to produce these design concepts much more quickly and easily. As I was sketching the initial concepts, I thought of them as I would a painting, helping my ideas become more fluid. I was then able take those concepts and further develop them into a fully realized design that could be presented to the client. Below are some of the initial creative concepts I created for Waterstone.

Initial creative concept sketches for Waterstone

Painting has given me confidence in both my personal and professional life, and I know it will continue to help me grow and achieve. Although my paintings look nothing like Bob Ross’, he taught me that I too could create, finding not only joy but also strength and inspiration from this lifelong skill.