When you have a natural ability to bring out the best in other people, it brings out the best in ourselves. Focusing on the development of others through coaching and mentoring is an essential characteristic of a leader. This attribute comes instinctively to RVi – Arizona’s Shawn Byron, who was recently promoted to Associate Principal. Congratulations to Shawn on this well-deserved accomplishment!

Shawn joined the RVi team in 2019. He focuses on serving clients and providing first-rate customer service. However, if Shawn isn’t interacting with clients, he’s usually at a large table filled with markers, tracing paper, rulers and templates, working with new designers, talking through projects, sharing expertise, offering guidance and providing encouragement. Shawn reflects on his experiences and often thinks about how his own mentors dedicated their time and offered their experience and knowledge with new staff members. Paying it forward, Shawn commits time in his schedule to mentor new designers. He describes his mentorship style as one that allows new team members to fully delve into the design process, empowering them to learn more, improve at an accelerated rate and establish themselves as integral team members to projects.

Shawn has a Bachelor of Plant Sciences degree, a Master of Landscape Architecture degree, and over 13 years of experience, focusing on plant sciences and horticulture. He puts his unique expertise to work in his projects, seeking sustainable solutions that enhance the health and well-being of the landscape while maintaining quality of specified plants. Shawn has worked on variety of public and private sector projects across the United States as well as internationally, including residential and mixed-use developments, commercial lifestyle centers, and resorts and hospitality projects. In his role as Associate Principal, Shawn will continue to provide top-rate customer service and mentorship, and he will also lead the landscape architecture program in the Arizona office, guiding the design process.