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Top 3 priorities of amenity center design

By Sergio Yamada Sergio Yamada is a Project Director in the RVi Scottsdale office. With more than 25 years of experience (24 years in the U.S. and three in Argentina), Yamada has in-depth knowledge of infusing creativity in a budget-friendly way, while meeting client goals through amenity centers. When it comes to design and development,... Read Full Post

Activating Spaces on Two Wheels: The impact of bike-centric communities on residents, the environment, and the economy

Every fall, hundreds of bike enthusiasts watch as the world’s top freeride mountain bikers drop from 50-foot cliffs, launch across 70-foot canyon gaps, and perform an array of flips and tricks. The Red Bull Rampage competition has become one of the biggest events in the biking community. In 2023, the event was held just outside... Read Full Post

Babcock Ranch - The Hometown of Tomorrow

The Babcock Ranch lifestyle is based on the principles of smart growth and living a better life. This, along with its self-proclaimed “love affair with the land,” had the RVi team eager and excited at the opportunity to design a landscape that would bring preservation and restoration to the forefront. As landscape architects and stewards... Read Full Post

Urban Planning for Social Equity

By: Steve Noto & Patrick Murray Much like the New Urbanism push that has occurred over the last 25 years, designing communities for social equity has seen urban planning return to its original intentions from before the post-World War II suburban boom: building communities for all. One could strongly argue that the needs of communities... Read Full Post

Digital Fusion: Utilizing the Power of Emerging Technology in Visual Design and Storytelling

Digital Fusion: Utilizing the Power of Emerging Technology in Visual Design and Storytelling By Aaron Bilsky At RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture, the ability to tell a story visually is crucial for clients, colleagues, and the team. Visual storytelling plays a key factor in communication, which is vital to successful relationships between and within those... Read Full Post

Creating Community Spaces: RVi's Vision for the City of Maitland's Public Library

Creating Community Spaces: RVi’s Vision for the City of Maitland’s Public Library By Ryan Seacrist In the heart of Maitland, Florida, a vibrant cultural campus is taking shape, thanks to the collaborative efforts between RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture, HBM Architects, and the City of Maitland. RVi’s latest project involves the development of a site... Read Full Post

Planning, Designing, and Rebuilding for a Better Tomorrow

In fall of 2019, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the coast of Scotland Cay, a private island located just 160 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. With 75 percent of its homes destroyed and $3.4 billion in damage, residents had to choose whether to rebuild or leave the island. Shortly after the disaster... Read Full Post