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Designing Spaces for Healing

Healthcare design is one of the many sectors that involve very particular and thoughtful landscape design by landscape architects. Landscape architects play a crucial role in designing spaces that promote well-being, healing, and recovery. By understanding the therapeutic benefits of nature and incorporating them into their plans and designs, landscape architects can create spaces that... Read Full Post

Stress, Chromosomes, and Nature

What do these three subjects have to do with one another? RVi Project Director Patrick Smith recently spoke on this topic at the Austin Center for Architecture. Presenting to the Architecture for Health Committee, Patrick explained the link. “The reality is most of us didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning, we spent... Read Full Post

New Senior Living Project on the Boards

RVi is excited to begin work on St. Anthony’s Gardens, a new senior living community located in Mandeville, LA. The community is being developed by CRSA, an LCS Company for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and is situated on a wooded 24–acre site. Phase I of St. Anthony’s Gardens will feature independent living apartments and a health... Read Full Post