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How a family resort design is helping revitalize a community decimated by Hurricane Ian

In 2022, Fort Myers Beach suffered a direct hit by Hurricane Ian. A community dependent upon tourism for its economy saw entire hotels, resorts, homes, and recreational facilities destroyed and washed away within hours. Now, in 2024, the area is seeing a return to its beach community roots. One resort in particular, the Pink Shell,... Read Full Post

Northeast Texas Trail Feasibility Study

Project Spotlight: Northeast Texas Trail Feasibility Study Texans will soon learn whether their state could gain its first linear state park. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) tapped RVi to conduct a feasibility study on transforming the Northeast Texas Trail, also known as the NETT, into a state park. The NETT is a 130-mile... Read Full Post

Creating Community Spaces: RVi's Vision for the City of Maitland's Public Library

Creating Community Spaces: RVi’s Vision for the City of Maitland’s Public Library By Ryan Seacrist In the heart of Maitland, Florida, a vibrant cultural campus is taking shape, thanks to the collaborative efforts between RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture, HBM Architects, and the City of Maitland. RVi’s latest project involves the development of a site... Read Full Post

A Clear Path Forward for Asante Trails

RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture is thrilled to share that our collaboration on the Asante Trails project in Surprise, Arizona has achieved a significant milestone. We’re proud to announce that the Surprise City Council approved a major change to the Asante Trails planned area development by redesignating the site from commercial to mixed-use, including a blend... Read Full Post

San Gabriel Park: Celebrating the Groundbreaking of Phase III

San Gabriel Park, a beloved recreational space in Georgetown, Texas, is gearing up for its highly anticipated third phase of improvements. After a 15-year wait, residents and visitors can look forward to an array of exciting additions and transformations. On June 6, the City of Georgetown broke ground on this $7.5 million renovation project, which... Read Full Post

Developing Urban Agriculture in Texas

Urban agriculture has gained significant attention in recent years as cities around the world seek to promote sustainable and resilient food systems. Urban agriculture has taken on a unique character in Austin, Texas, reflecting the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its vibrant local food culture. RVi has numerous projects around the city with an... Read Full Post

Remembering Those Who Served

Landscape architecture plays a crucial role in memorial design, particularly when it comes to monuments honoring those who served in wars. The design and layout of a monument’s surrounding environment are integral in creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a sense of solemnity and reverence. This is particularly true... Read Full Post