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Finding the Meaning in Mardi Gras

Many people see Mardi Gras as a time to let loose and party – which it most certainly is! But in the midst of all the festivities, there is another side to the story that most people don’t get to see – a story that showcases community involvement, kindness, and generosity during this annual celebration.... Read Full Post

Landscape Architect by Day, Musician by Night

Last month, our very own Drew Carman released and co-produced his debut EP titled Wilderness. Carman A.D., the name under which Drew records, writes, and plays, offers listeners a renewed sense of experience and fresh intent. Having previously toured with the Athens, Georgia old-time Americana band The Corduroy Road, Drew shared shows and toured with... Read Full Post

RVi Announces 2019 Auctus Innovation Competition Winner

Rounding out its third year, our annual Auctus Innovation Competition challenges RVi employees to come up with an innovative idea in line with RVi’s mission that can be meaningfully advanced in a year’s time. With a lot of great entries to choose from, this year’s winner truly honed in our purpose statement: to inspire people... Read Full Post

RVi Hires Russell Thomman to Lead Firm-Wide Digital Innovation

We are pleased to introduce our new Director of Digital Innovation, Russell Thomman. A licensed landscape architect with a background in planning and design, Russell has focused his professional career on the development of digital visualization solutions that improve project team communication and design decision-making. Russell is also a licensed drone pilot and an expert... Read Full Post

Meet the Designer: Nhasala Manandhar

RVi is excited to congratulate our own Nhasala Manandhar on receiving her permanent residence in the United States. Celebrating over a slice of All-American apple pie, we sat down with her to talk about her journey, career, and passion for design. Where did you grow up? I was born and was brought up in Kathmandu,... Read Full Post

Mark Reddie Named Managing Principal of Tempe Office

We are pleased to announce Mark Reddie’s appointment as Managing Principal of our Tempe office. Mark joined RVi as Vice President in 2018 after our successful acquisition and integration of LVA Urban Design Studio. Mark previously managed planning and development projects at LVA for over 15 years. “Mark is a proven leader with an exceptional... Read Full Post