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RVi Founder Bob Richardson Retires

After 49 years as a practicing landscape architect, RVi’s own Bob Richardson has retired. Bob founded RVi as Richardson Verdoorn with business partner Joe Verdoorn in 1982, steadily growing the firm’s areas of expertise and geographical reach across the United States. While Bob has influenced countless landmark projects throughout his career, his legacy has an... Read Full Post

Barbara Austin Appointed to Austin Parks Foundation Board

We are pleased to announce that Barbara Austin has joined the board of the Austin Parks Foundation (APF). As Vice President and Director of Park Design at RVi, Barbara has focused her career on the development of fun and engaging parks for people of all ages. APF’s mission is to partner with the community to... Read Full Post

Creating a Culture of Innovation at RVi

At RVi, you hear the word creativity a lot. It is listed among the firm’s values; it is why many of us chose the careers that we did; it is a trait that is celebrated and utilized every day. Up until about a year ago, we used the words creativity and innovation pretty interchangeably. As... Read Full Post

Dennis Tonsor Promoted to Director of Planning

In recognition of his dedication and many contributions to RVi, we are happy to announce that Dennis Tonsor has been promoted to Director of Planning. Dennis has continually demonstrated his ability to manage members of the RVi planning team while nurturing strong client relationships, and he has been instrumental in engaging with planning clients across... Read Full Post

RVi: Wandering Where the Wifi is Weak

RVi is always happy to see employees using their vacation time for travel and exploration. You will regularly find RViers traipsing around the country on long holiday weekends or flocking to different continents for several weeks of adventure throughout the year. Often, with a new-found perspective and and a bit of relaxation, we are better able to contribute... Read Full Post

Education Spotlight: Native Plant Gardening Series

While formal degree programs go a long way towards preparing us for our careers, RViers are lifelong learners. Every RVi employee receives an annual education budget that they can use toward learning new things. Fortunately there are a lot of unique local resources that provide educational opportunities for the community, including The University of Texas... Read Full Post