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Balancing Urbanization and Sustainability: The Role Green Infrastructure Plays in Enhancing Modern Urban Development

Our cities are confronted with significant challenges as global temperatures continue to rise. The transition from the serene Texas hill country to bustling urban centers like Dallas, Houston, or Austin reveals a stark contrast in temperature. Unfortunately, natural phenomena like El Niño exacerbate this situation. Climate change is a global issue that necessitates a closer... Read Full Post

Designing a Career of Success: Somdeep Nandy

As an emerging landscape architect passionate about sustainable design, my internship at RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture was a truly transformative experience. With a decade of experience in the landscape industry across Singapore, India, and Saudi Arabia, I am committed to addressing global and social challenges through innovative landscape architecture solutions. In this blog, I... Read Full Post

Preserving our Oasis in the Desert: Designing with Water Conservation in Mind

Water, the lifeblood of Arizona’s desert landscape, is undeniably a precious resource. In the face of a semi-arid to arid climate and rapid population growth, our state grapples with unique water challenges. To safeguard the well-being of our communities and support continued development, responsible water usage and conservation are of utmost importance. The reliance on... Read Full Post

Developing Urban Agriculture in Texas

Urban agriculture has gained significant attention in recent years as cities around the world seek to promote sustainable and resilient food systems. Urban agriculture has taken on a unique character in Austin, Texas, reflecting the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its vibrant local food culture. RVi has numerous projects around the city with an... Read Full Post

Getting to Green Infrastructure

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, the profession of landscape architecture is defined as “the science and art of design, planning, management, and stewardship of the land.” This succinct thirteen-word definition carries a broad interpretation that many of us, as practitioners, attribute to our jack-of-all-trades approach to land development in our daily work... Read Full Post

Stewardship of Natural and Built Environments

Located just three miles north of downtown Austin, Texas, the Mueller Greenway system is a series of five interconnected parks that encircle the mixed-use urban village known as the Mueller Development. With thousands of residents and major employers such as Dell Children’s Hospital, HEB, Seton, and The University of Texas at Austin, this community has... Read Full Post

Planning, Designing, and Rebuilding for a Better Tomorrow

In fall of 2019, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the coast of Scotland Cay, a private island located just 160 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. With 75 percent of its homes destroyed and $3.4 billion in damage, residents had to choose whether to rebuild or leave the island. Shortly after the disaster... Read Full Post

Community Engagement and Resilient Landscape Design: Critical Paths for a New Luxury Condo Project

Rendering images courtesy of D’Antonio International. As cities and towns grow and change, so do their buildings. One trend that has emerged in recent years is the conversion of hotels into condos. This process involves reinventing buildings into residential units, often with modern amenities and design features. This has been the case for the locally... Read Full Post

Water regulation in growing areas and their effect on development

As Florida’s population grows, so does the need for developments to support the population increase. While some areas in the state are dense and compressed already, there are other areas such as St. Cloud, in Central Florida, that have room to grow and adapt to today’s world of housing. RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture has... Read Full Post