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HBA Adopts New Sensible Guidelines for Central Texas Landscapes

Despite recent extreme weather changes in Central Texas, water conservation remains a long-term concern for homeowners and utility companies alike. To address this issue, I recently joined forces with a team led by Hank Smith of Texas Engineering Solutions and including Mike Fishbaugh of Coleman & Associates to create a set of landscape guidelines for... Read Full Post

Conference Recap: Reclaiming Urban Infrastructure for the Public

For Central Texans, April brings many things – showers, warmer temperatures, oak pollen.  But for me, this April brought the much-anticipated Greater & Greener 2015: Innovative Parks, Vibrant Cities conference in San Francisco.  It was truly one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.  The event aimed to explore the role of urban parks in... Read Full Post

The Evolution of Community Design

Our world is constantly in a state of change.  Just in the past few years we have seen the economy turn around, the lake levels fluctuate, and major technological advancements being made.  Jay Leno has given way to Jimmy Fallon, cars can now park (and drive?) themselves, and I’ll bet that many of you are... Read Full Post

Ask the Experts: Landscape Architects Answer Your Top 5 FAQs

After more than three decades in business, we’ve helped guide hundreds of clients through the process of planning and designing their outdoor spaces.  While each project is unique, there are certainly some common questions that arise throughout the process.  Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions. 1.  Can we be green without... Read Full Post

Stress, Chromosomes, and Nature

What do these three subjects have to do with one another? RVi Project Director Patrick Smith recently spoke on this topic at the Austin Center for Architecture. Presenting to the Architecture for Health Committee, Patrick explained the link. “The reality is most of us didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning, we spent... Read Full Post

A Drop in the Bucket

The practices of rainwater harvesting and conservation landscaping have been receiving an increasing amount of attention lately.  These practices are beneficial, and it is encouraging that they are receiving mainstream exposure.  But they are only part of the solution when it comes to dealing with our water challenges and conserving potable water.  The new reality... Read Full Post

How the Past Can Inform the Future: Observations on Connectivity

When we originally purchased our house in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, it seemed really far from just about everything.  The neighborhood demographic was well above the median age for Austin – in fact, many of the original owners still lived in these homes.  But as growth in Austin exploded, the face of Allandale changed. ... Read Full Post