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Fixing a Leak in the Water Conservation Paradigm

As you drive through a typical neighborhood in Central Texas, it may not occur to you that you are passing acres of turf that are irrigated by potable water. Many of us have grown accustomed to the manicured patches of lawn that surround our homes, but few of us have given thought to why it’s... Read Full Post

Fostering a Love of Nature in the Next Generation

In a world that is increasingly filled with indoor entertainment options, children are spending more and more time away from the natural world that surrounds them.  Over the past 20 years, the time kids spend outdoors has fallen by 50% and the rate of obesity has more than tripled.  At the same time, research is... Read Full Post

How Can Open Space Add Value to Real Estate Development?

Preserving open space in communities is often a balancing act between maximizing developable land and creating value – both monetary and intangible – for all parties involved. Urban Land Magazine explored this dichotomy in a recent article featuring interviews with five community development experts – including RVi President Chris Crawford. The article explored trends in... Read Full Post

Client Profile: Jim Rodgers

Jim Rodgers is the quintessential parks man. He has spent nearly 40 years working for parks departments throughout Central Texas, including the Cities of Austin and Cedar Park. He also served as the first-ever Parks Director for Williamson County, helping build the department from the ground-up. This month we sat down with Jim to talk... Read Full Post

4 Key Principles of Context Sensitive Design for Transportation

Even if you have never heard the term Context Sensitive Design, there is a good chance that you have driven along a roadway that was created using this approach to transportation design and engineering. Since the term was coined at the FHWA’s Thinking Beyond the Pavement conference in 1998, Context Sensitive Design (CSD) has been... Read Full Post

Client Profile: Bill Hinckley

An advertising executive turned real estate developer with a passion for exotic big game hunting, Bill Hinckley does not fit the typical client profile. He admittedly hates hiring consultants.  His mantra is: “a surprise around every corner.” As the developer behind the top-ranked Crystal Falls community in Leander and party to the landmark sale of... Read Full Post