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4 Key Considerations for RV Resort Design

For many outdoor enthusiasts, the sights and sounds of a good camping trip are nostalgic and universal: a crackling campfire, the smell of woodsmoke and roasting marshmallows, the sense of being disconnected from stress and surrounded by nature. The whole experience of camping may as well be an antidote specifically designed to counteract the maladies... Read Full Post

RVi Brand Refresh Part III: Walking the Walk

RVi’s brand refresh is not just a marketing exercise; it is an opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement in all that we do as a firm. Our annual Auctus Innovation Competition challenges RVi employees to come up with an innovative idea that can be meaningfully advanced in a year’s time. This year, all entries focused on... Read Full Post

RVi: Wandering Where the Wifi is Weak

RVi is always happy to see employees using their vacation time for travel and exploration. You will regularly find RViers traipsing around the country on long holiday weekends or flocking to different continents for several weeks of adventure throughout the year. Often, with a new-found perspective and and a bit of relaxation, we are better able to contribute... Read Full Post

Conference Recap: Reclaiming Urban Infrastructure for the Public

For Central Texans, April brings many things – showers, warmer temperatures, oak pollen.  But for me, this April brought the much-anticipated Greater & Greener 2015: Innovative Parks, Vibrant Cities conference in San Francisco.  It was truly one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.  The event aimed to explore the role of urban parks in... Read Full Post

The Hike of a Lifetime

For me, the world is full of new adventures – so many places to see and so many cultures to experience.  I’ve learned that to keep my brain activated, I occasionally have to break free and do something outside of the norm.  The Appalachian Trail has been in the back of my head ever since... Read Full Post

Barbara's Adventures in Portugal

RVi Vice President Barbara Austin recently returned from a 2-week trip to Portugal with some amazing stories, spectacular photos, and a tiny bit of World Cup fever.  Barbara joined 51 other people for the trip – a group which included many fellow landscape architecture alumni and their families.  Ranging in age from 18 to 80,... Read Full Post

Happy Trails To You

Here at RVi, we are feeling equal parts sad and jealous. Landscape Architect and adventurer Chris Lalich has decided to take a break from the profession to advance his goal of exploring every inch of the planet.  Beginning on March 5th, Chris will set foot on Springer Mountain in Georgia and start hiking the entire... Read Full Post

Chris Lalich: Globe Trotter, Certified Crafter

After visiting Iceland just last year, Project Director Chris Lalich continued his tour of countries beginning with the letter “I” with a trip to Ireland this month.  His week-long stay included stops in the cities of Dublin, Galway, Cork, and even Belfast to learn more about “The Troubles” of Northern Ireland.  Chris also visited natural... Read Full Post