Rendering images courtesy of D’Antonio International.

As cities and towns grow and change, so do their buildings. One trend that has emerged in recent years is the conversion of hotels into condos. This process involves reinventing buildings into residential units, often with modern amenities and design features. This has been the case for the locally operated Seaspray Inn and Beach Resort and Top of the Spray Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The resort and restaurant have been perfect options for tourists who want a unique vacation experience without the commonalities of a chain hotel. Over time the buildings started to deteriorate and needed a refresh. Recently, Kannega Glades, LLC, a Florida real estate investment firm, took the opportunity to purchase the .65-acre shuttered hotel to transform it into 24 modernized luxury condominiums.

Atwell and RVi partnered to support Kannega Glades’ modernization plans. RVi Project Manager, Ray Lopez led the landscape architecture with support from landscape designer, Cole Harley. It was a rather unusual project given there was a limited plant palette due to the harsh wind and salt tolerance of the area. Lopez heavily researched the area and provided the client with a full design package that included a detailed and resilient plant species list for this beachfront environment. The list was rather extensive and included over 30 plant species which all needed approval from the client. Every plant used within the project is native to the southern Florida landscape due to the high salt content of the area. Through planning and design from Lopez and Harley, the concepts were approved.

Current property photo by Atwell. Rendering image courtesy of D’Antonio International.

Despite the poor conditions of the existing building and the onerous site, there were several considerable obstacles to getting the new residential project approved. Community engagement with locals and town officials was critical to developing a plan, and gaining approvals for the site plan, variances, plat, and architectural designs.

The RVi team excels in tailoring each project to the specific needs of the client. Lopez and Harley continue to bring this knowledge and care throughout all the projects they touch.