Anglin Dairy, newly christened as Moonlight Ridge, is a 489-acre working dairy farm located at the northwest corner of SR-238 and Green Road in the City of Maricopa. RVi has been providing various planning and landscape architecture services on the project since 2020, including the processing of a Major General Plan amendment to modify the General Plan land use designation for the site, a Planned Area Development (PAD) application and associated Preliminary Plat.

The amendments transition the site from its current use as a dairy and farming operation to a dynamic, mixed-use master planned development that will feature a mix of residential densities, allowing for supporting commercial, mixed-use and employment land uses. The change allows for a broader mix of land uses within the overall master planned development as well as greater flexibility and creativity in the community design. These land uses also offer the opportunity for unique housing solutions and densities, including the increasingly popular trend of single-family for rent.

Paying homage to the original dairy farm owned and operated by Rick Anglin, agrarian forms and design elements have been incorporated into the community’s thematic design – but with a desert inspired twist! This includes incorporating desert/native plant palettes into more traditional agrarian tree groves, farmhouse aesthetics, and “front porch” parks.

Entry monumentation concept

The design features connected open spaces and a multi-use trail network, linking neighborhood parks, soccer fields, and an 18-hole frisbee golf course. Stay tuned as this development is further brought to life!