At the core of a good partnership is the ability to combine diverse resources in ways that will not only help the relationship provide more impact, but will create more comprehensive designs, achieve greater sustainability, and provide enhanced value to the built environment. At RVi, we strive to maximize our value-creation, often working hand in hand with our clients to prototype and achieve their landscape and development vision. Prototyping this vision enables them to streamline the design process, have more control over construction costs, and ultimately delivers on their vision of creating attainable, modern, and classic living.

We are currently utilizing this strategy with a variety of clients, including Greenlight Communities, Sun Communities, and Roberts Resorts on Glamping and RV Resorts. For Greenlight Communities specifically, the success of this process is displayed through their Cabana collection of multifamily projects. By working to create cohesive design guidelines, we have not only helped define the design kit-of-parts including planting palettes and zones, active and passive courtyard programming, site furnishings, hardscape, softscape, and signage, with the purpose of increasing their overall speed to market and a recognizable built product aligning with their brand. These guidelines have since been applied to five Cabana projects throughout the Phoenix Valley. By establishing these partnerships, we are helping create and identify brands that cultivate the ideal that “everyone deserves to love where they live”.

We come into these relationships with the notion that these types of partnerships are a process and not a product. We define our collaborations by cultivating an environment where there is a mutual commitment to working together to create, manage, and develop the overall partnership as a continuously evolving relationship. One that stems from a solid planning base that also offers ample flexibility to oversee the evolution of design and the relationship itself. This not only helps us create a unified message but offers increased brand recognition and creates excitement and advocacy for continued development.