Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Western North Carolina’s landscape has much to offer. With its lush forests, vibrant fall color and an abundance of rivers and waterfalls, it is difficult to grow tired of its charm. Connecting people with nature is the philosophy behind many of the unique designs in the area. What started as a small, relatively unknown part of the country is becoming one of the most popular tourist and retirement areas on the east coast. People of all ages and demographics are moving to North Carolina and the area is continually growing. Young business professionals are moving to the urban areas and many older generations are selecting the area for a vacation home or permanent residence outside of town in one of the many mountaintop golf course resorts.

The beautiful mountains and expansive forests introduce many challenges when designing landscapes. The steep terrain can make site access difficult and the building process more complicated and expensive. Creative solutions are often required to handle the intense slope, including massive retaining walls, extensive grading and drainage, and slope stabilization to name a few. Western North Carolina and the surrounding areas offer many unique hardscape and plant materials to help create distinctive landscape styles. Locally sourced materials and native vegetation are used to help integrate our designs into the surrounding landscape.

RVi is expanding our new office in Western North Carolina, and we are excited to be a part of the growing community. New opportunities are abundant, including large-scale neighborhood development, high-end residences and multifamily projects, which are popping up across the region. Many outdoor, recreation-based developments that utilize the rivers, forest land and natural resources to promote tourism also continue to grow. Last but certainly not least, forestry conservation and ecology-focused projects help to protect the land and wildlife as development expands and the population grows.