At RVi, developing young professionals is crucial for the success of our organization. As the workforce becomes increasingly talented, diverse, and dynamic, we have employed several strategies to help attract, retain, and develop a network of young professionals.  Who we are as a company truly falls back to our core values and preparing these young professionals for our culture of creativity, integrity, passion, client service, teamwork, and quality.

  1. Mentorship and coaching opportunities: Providing our team of young professionals with access to experienced mentors and coaches is an effective way to support their development. At RVi, our project teams consist of professions of all levels of expertise. Through team collaboration and relationship building, on-the-job mentorship and coaching opportunities arise.  This provides real-time opportunities for career guidance, developing problem-solving skills, and valuable personal and professional growth to young professionals as they navigate their careers. Through these opportunities, we help our teams recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and to succeed individually, and in project outcomes and client relationships.
  2. Ongoing training and development programs: Training and professional development programs are direct investments into our staff and commitments to the betterment of our team. Specifically, these programs are designed to assist young professionals develop the fundamentals needed to excel in their roles at RVi, as well as to be able to advance their careers and their clients’ programs. We’ve taken the initiative to build training bundles into our career paths, helping professionals navigate the unknowns of early professional life, and maximizing our leadership growth by supporting later learning and specialized training.
  3. Encouraging networking and collaboration: Relationship building with clients and industry partners is how we stand out from our competition. It is paramount for us to encourage our young professional team to constantly forge professional relationships and collaborate with colleagues and clients. Many employers fail to be inclusive in this part of our business and help their entire professional team build relationships and connections they need to succeed.  We encourage it!
  4. Developing a culture of innovation and experimentation: In addition to a culture of collaboration, innovation and experimentation in design is how our team stays on the forefront of industry trends and client needs. We hire exceptionally talented young professionals and provide them with the resources and support they need to test new ideas and propose new concepts in design. By encouraging inventive creativity and problem-solving, our team stands up to our development challenges of tomorrow, allowing us to bring exceptional value to our clients.
  5. Providing opportunities for advancement: Finally, employers should create the environment for growth and advancement for young professionals. At RVi, we realize while there are many disciplines and varying paths that can be pursued. We encourage our young professionals to act on their ambition and take full advantage of the diverse set of opportunities that are provided, and not limit their expertise.  No one is more in charge of your career than you.  Opportunities for development are abound amongst our dynamic team environment; we build our company and expand our footprint to make room or these great success stories, every day.  However, the conscious decision to take full advantage is the responsibility of our young professionals.

By providing these opportunities and employing these strategies, RVi is helping young professionals to develop the skills they need to excel in our industry and provide industry-leading service to our clients.

At RVi, recent graduates and students gain valuable, real-world experience working with planning and design professionals on actual projects. The RVi Internship Program is open to students enrolled in accredited, industry-related programs throughout the country, our collaborative approach integrates interns into a variety of project types, including:

  • Parks & Open Space Design
  • Trail Planning & Design
  • Urban Design
  • Programming
  • Thematics
  • Master Planning
  • Zoning & Entitlements
  • Site Assessment
  • 3D Visualization/Virtual Reality
  • GIS/Geodesign

To learn more and apply for career opportunities at any of our office locations, please visit: