RVi takes workplace safety seriously. As part of this commitment, we’ve assembled an Emergency Response Team within each office and provided training to employees so they are better prepared to assist in any emergency. We were happy to learn that this training paid off outside of the office when our own Drew Carman, Project Manager in Austin, put his training to use over the holidays while he was visiting family in Kentucky.

While taking out the trash, Drew heard screaming from across the street. Upon further investigation, Drew discovered a young man with his hand caught between the ball and hitch of a large landscaping trailer that he was attempting to connect. After lifting the trailer off the young man and assisting him to lay back on the grass, Drew found that the man had a significant injury to his hand. By this point a small crowd had gathered, and Drew immediately took charge of the situation. He directed people from the group to call 911, get towels, and make sure that the trailer was secure and not in danger of rolling away. Drew was able to calmly run through the steps in his head from the online course he had taken as an ERT member while the group waited for the EMS to arrive and take the injured man to the hospital.

“The training really gave me confidence to calmly take charge and take action in the situation,” Drew said. Drew’s willingness to assist in an emergency reassures us that we are in good hands and we thank him for his efforts!