Earlier this month, the Ellsworth Ranch community took a major step forward when the Queen Creek Town Council approved the rezoning of the 190-acre development. RVi has been working with developer Taylor Morrison, land use attorney Shaine Alleman of Tiffany & Bosco, civil engineer Wood Patel, as well as the Town of Queen Creek and its residents to rezone the property over the past several months.

An infill property surrounded by other single-family neighborhoods located just south of downtown Queen Creek, Ellsworth Ranch is situated on the former ranch and farmland of the Ellsworth family. The community design will create an atmosphere that pays respect to the authentic history of the property and the Ellsworth family heritage with intentional design elements throughout the development. To achieve this, we began with the community’s central amenity that serves as the “heart” of Ellsworth Ranch. This essential amenity mimics a traditional homestead, providing a place for the community to come together, socialize, and relax. From there, pedestrian trails connect to strategically located neighborhood parks and open space, promoting a walkable, pedestrian centric community. The neighborhood and pocket parks will be dispersed throughout the community, inviting residents and guests to explore and spend more time outside. The parks are devised to appeal to different age groups and will feature a variety of programmed activities offering a diverse user experience to those who visit.

Once complete, Ellsworth Ranch will feature over 452 new single-family homes and will bring much-needed new housing options to this growing area of the Valley.

Ellsworth Ranch entry design


Ellsworth Ranch Site Plan