At RVi we have our own version of Bob Ross…and his name is Chris Crawford. A couple of weeks ago Chris surprised each of us with the delivery of a watercolor paint set to our homes. An invitation to Watercolor Painting Virtual Happy Hour followed, and we were all intrigued.

Drink in one hand and paintbrush in the other, we were led through a surprisingly fast-paced session where we captured (some more effectively than others) a live Texas sunset. Although the subject matter was in Texas, RViers from across the Lone Star State and Arizona joined in the fun. We learned the difference between wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet watercolor techniques, as well as how to mix colors to achieve our desired effect. Most importantly, we enjoyed hanging out together and learning a new skill from our Commander-in-Chief, who has been painting watercolor himself for many years. This new twist on virtual happy hour was a huge hit, and we are already planning the next one!

Click here to view some of the finished artworks!