Landscape Architecture

Designing vibrant, functional, and enduring spaces




“I continue to receive compliments concerning the urban design work that you have performed for me over the years. Your designs consistently fulfill my criteria; they are economical, they are functional, and they attract people.”

– Whit Hanks, Developer


As landscape architects, we strive to design highly creative outdoor spaces that respond to specific needs and desires of the communities they serve.  From courtyards to streetscapes to cemeteries, RVi’s portfolio is reflective of the wide and wonderfully diverse practice of landscape architecture.  At the same time, we are committed to being respectful of the intrinsic value of the land and its natural environmental systems.


Our landscape architecture services include:

  • Commercial design guidelines
  • Residential design guidelines
  • Context sensitive design
  • Native plant and xeriscape design
  • Interpretive areas
  • Hardscape design
  • Design for transportation: streetscapes, bridges, roadways
  • Planting plans

More of Our Services


We begin with a clearly articulated vision and an understanding of the intrinsic value of the land in order to build a strong foundation for development.  From there, our team can help transform your vision into reality.

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Parks & Open Space Design

The challenge of creating successful recreational amenities lies in the ability to attract and inspire a very diverse group of people.  The RVi team loves digging into the stories of each particular place and finding new ways to bring those stories to life.

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