If you’ve been around Austin for any length of time, you know there are some things that never change…the State Capitol, Barton Springs, the ‘Y’ at Oak Hill. Whoa…the ‘Y’ at Oak Hill? Yes, unfortunately, this congested intersection in southwest Austin has been a monument to local anti-road sentiment for decades. As a result, several efforts to improve it have been thwarted by opposition and the crossing has maintained a most unwelcome position on TxDOT’s “100 Most Congested Highways in Texas” list (64th place in the most recent study) for years.

All that just changed. The Oak Hill Parkway, as the intersection is now called, cleared the Austin City Council on January 31, 2019 and construction of the $545 million project is scheduled to begin in 2020, with completion expected in 2024. RVi Austin, including team members Mark Smith and Robin Winter, have been serving as Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) consultant to Rodriguez Transportation Group (RTG) since the current iteration of the project began in 2011. Working closely with TxDOT, CTRMA, and the RTG consultant team, RVi participated in a series of design workshops and public hearings and is currently finalizing Aesthetics Design Guidelines for the project.

Through the use of CSS, the Oak Hill Parkway Team succeeded in gaining strong stakeholder support for this much needed roadway improvement project. We’re looking forward to a smoother commute in the future!