Master Planned Communities

Community is not designed; it is enabled by good design.

“RVi has proven to us time and again that they understand our project needs and that they collaborate well with other planning, engineering and landscaping consultants. Their talents have been an integral part in the success of all of our master-planned communities.”

– Matt Lawson, RISE Development


RVi has worked on more than 250 master planned community projects in over three decades of practice. We design based on sound market analysis, special engineering considerations, and relevant codes and ordinances. Many of these projects begin with developing the master plan and then expand into more detailed landscape architectural design for parks, trails, streetscapes, recreation centers, and other community amenities.

Our clients look at us not only as master planners, but as their trusted advisors. At the same time, we recognize that it is the client’s vision for the project which helps set it apart from average communities. We listen to the thoughts and ideas of all parties, and are prepared to provide guidance based on our extensive experience in creating successful communities throughout the country. The bottom line: we design projects that get built.


More of Our Services


We begin with a clearly articulated vision and an understanding of the intrinsic value of the land in order to build a strong foundation for development.  From there, our team can help transform your vision into reality.

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Landscape Architecture

As landscape architects, we strive to design highly creative outdoor spaces that respond to specific needs and desires of the communities they serve.  From courtyards to streetscapes to cemeteries, RVi’s portfolio is reflective of the wide and wonderfully diverse practice of landscape architecture.

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