Our team brings decades of experience to each project.

Chris Crawford Chris Crawford President

Mark Smith Mark Smith Vice President, Director of Design

Mark Reddie Mark Reddie Vice President, Director of Planning

Ryan Binkowski Ryan Binkowski Senior Vice President of Operations

Doug Craig Doug Craig Vice President of Business Development

Chris Lalich Chris Lalich Vice President of Operations

Alexis Crespo Alexis Crespo Vice President of Planning

Ryan Seacrist Ryan Seacrist Director of Florida Operations

Gene Lukow Gene Lukow Director of Planning

Linda Green Linda Green Financial Services Manager

Peter Dufrene Peter Dufrene Associate Principal

Alex Stedman Alex Stedman Associate Principal

Russell Thomman Russell Thomman Director of Digital Innovation

Drew Carman Drew Carman Director of Park Planning & Design

Dennis Tonsor Dennis Tonsor Associate Principal

Brittany Geist Brittany Geist Project Director

Jeff Farr Jeff Farr Project Director

Jamie van Ravensway Jamie van Ravensway Project Director

Mike Dew Mike Dew Project Director

Claudia Ray Claudia Ray Director of Urban Design

Grant Wilbanks Grant Wilbanks Associate Principal

Sergio Yamada Sergio Yamada Project Director

Sabrina McCabe Sabrina McCabe Project Director

Shawn Byron Shawn Byron Associate Principal

David Cosslett David Cosslett Director of Landscape Architecture

Jeremy Frantz Jeremy Frantz Project Director

Fred Drovdlic Fred Drovdlic Director of Planning

Jack Caldwell Jack Caldwell Director of Landscape Architecture

Bryan Gaines Bryan Gaines Director of Planning

Robert Bias Robert Bias Project Director

James Boorman IV James Boorman IV Project Director

Jeffrey Zock Jeffrey Zock Project Director

Jared Pyka Jared Pyka Client Development Director

Julie Mastervich Julie Mastervich Marketing Manager

Anie Delgado Anie Delgado Planning Project Director

Sara Altieri Sara Altieri Marketing Manager

Alan Mackey Alan Mackey Project Manager

Christina Martin Christina Martin Project Manager

Wes Gentry Wes Gentry Project Director

Katie LaBelle Katie LaBelle Project Manager

Mark Bailor Mark Bailor Project Manager

Bob Moser Bob Moser Business Development Director

Raymond Lopez Raymond Lopez Project Manager

Quill Jones Quill Jones Senior Land Planner

Bailey Overstreet Bailey Overstreet Project Manager

Will Hellman Will Hellman Project Manager

Josephine Medina Josephine Medina Project Manager

Eric Ellinwood Eric Ellinwood Project Manager

James Abney James Abney Senior Irrigation Designer

Laurah Walker Laurah Walker Project Manager

John-Michael Henson John-Michael Henson Project Manager

Rhea Lopes Rhea Lopes Project Manager

Ramon Suarez Ramon Suarez Senior Project Manager

Zerek Kroll Zerek Kroll Project Manager

Nick Troha Nick Troha Project Manager

Jeffrey Washler Jeffrey Washler Project Controller

Sandra Dean Sandra Dean Project Controller

Sandy Fabrizio Sandy Fabrizio Project Controller

Kevin Wilke-Nadler Kevin Wilke-Nadler Designer

Nhasala Manandhar Nhasala Manandhar Designer

Jason Crisanti Jason Crisanti Designer

Lance Ippel Lance Ippel Project Manager

Madison Dalke Madison Dalke Designer

Kelly Uhrich Kelly Uhrich Landscape Architect

Jessica Chisholm Jessica Chisholm Planner

Konner Pendland Konner Pendland Designer

Caleb Parker Caleb Parker Designer

Ben Bravenec Ben Bravenec Planner

Cole Harley Cole Harley Designer

Conner Trent Conner Trent Designer

Clara Restrepo Clara Restrepo Designer

Gunnar Lowe Gunnar Lowe Designer

Monserrat Dominguez Ponce Monserrat Dominguez Ponce Planner

Shelby Hollman Shelby Hollman Designer

Austin Schmidt Austin Schmidt Designer

Rachel Arndt Rachel Arndt Administrative Coordinator

Alexandria Green Alexandria Green Administrative Coordinator

Audrey Wilke Audrey Wilke Designer

Joshua Smith Joshua Smith Designer

Caroline Petithomme Caroline Petithomme Designer

Jerry Ferreira Jerry Ferreira Designer

Halli King Halli King Administrative Coordinator

Charlie Rittenhouse Charlie Rittenhouse Designer

Will Liu Will Liu Designer

Luis Barsotti Luis Barsotti Designer

Patrick Murray Patrick Murray Planner

Abby Brayton Abby Brayton Designer

Alyssa Ingrassia Alyssa Ingrassia Designer

Finley Finley Service Dog

Briana Smith Briana Smith Designer

Lindsey Craig Lindsey Craig Planner

Karishma Joshi Karishma Joshi Designer

Kristine Gay Kristine Gay Project Manager

Bob Richardson Bob Richardson Founding Principal

Barbara Austin Barbara Austin Principal Emeritus