Our team brings decades of experience to each project.

Ryan Seacrist Ryan Seacrist Director of Florida Operations

Linda Green Linda Green Business Manager

Jamie van Ravensway Jamie van Ravensway Project Director

Sergio Yamada Sergio Yamada Project Director

Shane Lekwa Shane Lekwa Project Director

Shawn Byron Shawn Byron Project Director

Bob Moser Bob Moser Business Development Manager

Julie Mastervich Julie Mastervich Marketing Manager

Christina Martin Christina Martin Project Manager

Katie LaBelle Katie LaBelle Project Manager

Kyle Barichello Kyle Barichello Project Manager

Mark Bailor Mark Bailor Project Manager

Anie Delgado Anie Delgado Planning Project Manager

Hannah Plate Hannah Plate Project Manager

Jill Young Jill Young Senior Project Administrator

Jeffrey Washler Jeffrey Washler Project Administrator

Kevin Wilke-Nadler Kevin Wilke-Nadler Designer

Jason Crisanti Jason Crisanti Designer

Lance Ippel Lance Ippel Designer

Jessica Chisholm Jessica Chisholm Planner

Konner Pendland Konner Pendland Designer

Caleb Parker Caleb Parker Designer

Zach Taylor Zach Taylor Designer

Cole Harley Cole Harley Designer

Conner Trent Conner Trent Designer

Clara Restrepo Clara Restrepo Designer

Gunnar Lowe Gunnar Lowe Designer

Monserrat Dominguez Ponce Monserrat Dominguez Ponce Planner

Rachel Arndt Rachel Arndt Administrative Coordinator

Shelby Hollman Shelby Hollman Designer

Special thanks to Holly Reed  and Pixel Studio Productions for our staff portraits.