Our team brings decades of experience to each project.

Chris Crawford Chris Crawford President

Tim Bargainer Tim Bargainer Sr. Vice President of Public Markets

Chris Lalich Chris Lalich Vice President of Operations

Gene Lukow Gene Lukow Director of Planning

Linda Green Linda Green Financial Services Manager

Peter Dufrene Peter Dufrene Associate Principal

Drew Carman Drew Carman Director of Park Planning & Design

Jared Pyka Jared Pyka Client Development Director

Alan Mackey Alan Mackey Project Director

Shane Lekwa Shane Lekwa Director of Planning

Christina Martin Christina Martin Project Manager

Ramon Suarez Ramon Suarez Senior Project Manager

Zerek Kroll Zerek Kroll Project Manager

Lance Ippel Lance Ippel Project Manager

Madison Dalke Madison Dalke Associate Project Manager

Caleb Parker Caleb Parker Designer

Alexandria Green Alexandria Green Administrative Coordinator

Audrey Wilke Audrey Wilke Designer

Karishma Joshi Karishma Joshi Designer

Bo boalige Bo boalige Planner

Ashley Graham Ashley Graham Project Controller

Bob Richardson Bob Richardson Founding Principal

Barbara Austin Barbara Austin Principal Emeritus