Our team brings decades of experience to each project.

Mark Reddie Mark Reddie Vice President, Director of Planning

Doug Craig Doug Craig Vice President of Business Development

Alex Stedman Alex Stedman Associate Principal

Jeff Farr Jeff Farr Project Director

Jamie van Ravensway Jamie van Ravensway Project Director

Mike Dew Mike Dew Project Director

Sergio Yamada Sergio Yamada Project Director

Shawn Byron Shawn Byron Associate Principal

Sara Altieri Sara Altieri Marketing Manager

Katie LaBelle Katie LaBelle Project Manager

Mark Bailor Mark Bailor Project Manager

Nick Troha Nick Troha Project Manager

Kevin Wilke-Nadler Kevin Wilke-Nadler Designer

Jason Crisanti Jason Crisanti Designer

Kelly Uhrich Kelly Uhrich Landscape Architect

Jessica Chisholm Jessica Chisholm Planner

Konner Pendland Konner Pendland Designer

Ben Bravenec Ben Bravenec Planner

Shelby Hollman Shelby Hollman Designer

Austin Schmidt Austin Schmidt Designer

Rachel Arndt Rachel Arndt Administrative Coordinator

Kristine Gay Kristine Gay Project Manager