In celebration of World Preservation Month, the RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture Team takes a moment to reflect on the profound significance of community pride, heritage tourism, and the preservation of historical sites. San Gabriel Park, designated as a “Lone Star Legacy Park,” is a testament to its historical significance within the Georgetown community and the State of Texas. Within the expansive 180-acre Park, abundant historical and natural preservation examples can be found, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.


Immersed in tranquil natural surroundings, San Gabriel Park is adorned with majestic 200-year-old oak trees that thrive amidst its serene landscape. Furthermore, meticulous attention to detail is evident in the Park’s design, paying homage to the historical landmarks and architectural language that grace the City of Georgetown.
RVi was pivotal in developing San Gabriel Park, undertaking various essential tasks. Our dedicated team crafted a comprehensive master plan, meticulously assessed the site, developed innovative programming strategies, facilitated inclusive public input and surveys, established vital trail connections, and provided complete design services for the Park’s phased improvements. Throughout the process, our approach was guided by a profound appreciation for the Park’s rich heritage, the City’s storied history and architecture, and the preservation of its precious natural environment. Click the link below to learn more about San Gabriel Park.