Cedar Hill Government Center

A City Hall and Police Headquarters In the Midst of Beautiful Cedar Groves

The City of Cedar Hill’s new City Hall and Police Headquarters were designed by a joint venture between Holzman Moss Bottino, LLP Of New York and Wiginton Hooker Jeffry (now BSW Architects) of Dallas. Our firm worked closely with both firms to create a new civic home for the community. The site is located between a wooded creek and the north edge of Uptown Boulevard and is covered with native grasses and beautiful Cedar groves.

To preserve the existing tree groves and excellent views to the north, the linear building was sited close to Uptown Boulevard along the upper slopes of the site. A soft character streetscape program fronts Uptown Boulevard and opens views to flag staffs that were sited in the boulevard’s median. An entrance court and circular north terrace were designed as a broad raised terrace at the same elevation of the buildings to provide shade and comfortable seating for visitors and employees. Our team also incorporated specially designed views from this terrace to colorful groves of flowering trees and the native landscape scene.