Children’s Medical Center — Legacy Campus

A Complete Healing Environment for the Smallest of Patients

The Children’s Medical Center is located at the southwest corner of Preston and Hedgecoxe Roads within the Legacy Development in Plano. White Rock Creek bisects this large undeveloped tract of land and provides pleasant foreground views from Preston Road to the Medical Campus to the south. A tree-lined entrance drive off Preston Road connects to the Main Hospital Oval Entrance. This simple, grassy arrival space is accented with a tall, colorful kite sculpture and links the Main Hospital Entrance, Medical Office Building, and future entrances to additional hospital and office building expansions.

At the north end of the campus is a large irrigation lake, fountain jet, and an enormous preserved Red Oak tree, planted in 1918 on the Haggard Family Farm. This wonderful tree specimen is known as the Children’s Story Tee and is enhanced with special places for children to sit, such as a low circular stone seat wall or a low cool stone boulder emerging from the grassy lawn. A variety of courtyards were created near the Hospital’s lobby, cafeteria, and BedTower cores for patients and their families. A long vista and walkway were designed from the hospital to the Children’s Story Tree, to encourage hospital patrons to enjoy the outdoors. A Texas Spring and Stream was created to provide interaction with nature. Low, serpentine tubular fences provide a feeling of openness and a measure of safe enclosure for each courtyard. A small, grassy sloped amphitheater was designed for special staff presentations and to spend time with groups of children needing special attention and care. The Children’s Medical Center is an excellent example of how to create a complete healing environment.