CVS Caremark Operations Center formerly Sterling Commerce

A Hilltop Campus with Excellent Views

Sterling Commerce commissioned our firm to create a hilltop campus in the Las Colinas development off State Highway 14. Phase One of the development included a 12-story office building, parking garage, and a centrally located underground service facility. The Master Plan includes two additional buildings attached to the service facility, which supports a low-rise visitor and employee center.

Our firm worked closely with HKS Architects to develop a hilltop site plan that takes advantage of excellent views of Las Colinas while preserving natural groves of Mesquite and native hardwoods. An entrance terrace features a looping driveway with formal groves of Shumard trees and a paving pattern that visually ties the building lobby to a stainless kinetic sculpture. The great lawn, located above the service facility, provides one of the site’s few flat grassy areas and is edged with perimeter seating for employees.

The campus contains a variety of corporate meeting spaces in natural settings. A circular amphitheater on the building’s north side facilitates larger corporate meetings. This terraced space has a small stage, an upper presentation porch, electrical power for audio-visual equipment, subtle backdrop lighting, and is ADA accessible. The native tree grove north of the amphitheater is master planned to contain a series of outdoor conference rooms containing low, tightly clustered boulder slabs and is wired for internet access.