Florida Gulf Coast University Great Lawn

Plot Your Path

Resonating with the University’s mission on sustainability, native Laurel Oak trees ceremoniously march around the paths to establish a consistent shade canopy and allow visitors comfortable passage and quiet respite opportunities such as setting up a hammock and relaxing in this dynamic space. The interior lawn area is planted with Zoysia turf and elegantly graded to a dome shape, invoking an iconic sense of place. A boardwalk-style pathway, achieved by a non-traditional plank-style paver system in various sizes and colors, forms a strong pedestrian axis and a psychological link to the many boardwalk corridors connecting various parts of campus throughout its wetland fabric.

Outdoor classrooms, located on the east side of the Great Lawn, set the stage for students and faculty to have a didactic experience with the existing preserved wetland areas reminiscent of Florida’s iconic Everglades ecosystem. The designed edge treatments along these wetland systems provide siteusers with a passive park-like experience as they stroll by.

Finally, a diverse range of contemporary garden-style seating and tables offer flexible gathering spaces within an intimate setting amongst the Great Lawn’s otherwise energetic public atmosphere. The Great Lawn is elegantly illuminated to provide safety at night and further enhance the sense of place on this campus.


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