Greater Pine Island Community Plan

Creating a Vision Around Environmental Preservation, Rural Character & Accessibility

In 2014, RVi (formerly Waldrop Engineering) was engaged by the Lee County Attorney’s Office and Community Development Department for the preparation and processing of Lee Plan and Land Development Code (LDC) amendments relating to the Greater Pine Island Community Plan. The work was led by RVi’s Bonita Springs office.

Originally adopted in 2003, the Community Plan was subject to numerous Bert Harris actions and required evaluation and updating to address legal concerns from numerous parties. The solution also needed to balance the protection of private property rights with the community’sto and from the island in the case of emergencies.

The resultant Comprehensive Plan and LDC amendments effectuated the desire of citizens to preserve Greater Pine Island’s unique coastal rural character, while minimizing legal liability results from the existing policies and land use regulations. While highly controversial at the project outset, the changes were ultimately supported by Pine Island residents and stakeholders, as well as the development community, upon a successful conclusion in 2016.


Alexis Crespo Alexis Crespo