Where Fortune Awaits

Hidden within the foothills of Northwest Peoria, Mystic is a community that elegantly blends into the natural desert landscape that surrounds it. This canyon valley, protected by dramatic rugged landforms including Twin Buttes, is criss-crossed by desert arroyos like Big Spring, and is far enough from the city lights that the stars and moonlight create an enchanted night-time ambiance. Designed to respect the sensitive environment that surrounds it, the street network and homesites have been sited to optimize views and leave large expanses of open space and washes preserved. Trails will link all residents to one another and to the natural amenities that attracted them to this desert home. The landscape character will harmonize with the native flora of the site, utilizing native plants that already inhabit the site as well as complementary plant species.


Mark Reddie Mark Reddie
Jeff Farr Jeff Farr