Oak Hill Parkway (US 290 West)

Communicating Design Through Context Sensitive Soulutions

Oak Hill Parkway is a urban transportation project initiated by TxDOT in the 1980s but delayed for years by state funding shortfalls and local opposition to roadway expansion. Back on track in 2011 with a team led by RTG, the project now incorporates Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) with a goal of maximizing public involvement and achieving consensus that will allow the project to move forward.

RVi’s role as CSS consultant is focused on developing and communicating a design approach that stakeholders will readily understand and get behind. Considered to be the “Gateway to the Hill Country” by residents, the corridor runs through the heart of Oak Hill and is central to its identity. Of particular importance is the relationship of the proposed US 290/SH 71 intersection to the community’s prominent limestone bluff (as seen in RVi’s rendering above). Though the project is not complete, public meetings have been well attended and stakeholder feedback on the CSS process has been positive. To achieve this level of success, the team developed on an extensive outreach program and hosted workshops to educate stakeholders about the CSS process.

The CSS process has facilitated a very high level of public support and allowed, for the first time in 30 years, TxDOT and CTRMA to make real progress towards realization of this much-needed parkway.


Mark Smith Mark Smith