UNT Pohl Student Recreation Center

At the Heart of UNT's Fitness Hub

This project included site and landscape design for the new Student Recreation Center and natatorium at the University of North Texas. The landscape design responds to the existing post oak trees on the site and seeks to visually tie the new facility into the existing Physical Education facility and natatorium across Chestnut Street. It also recognizes and enhances pedestrian movement along Avenue D.

The hardscape design responds to the dynamic design of the building. It provides a range of activity spaces, including a sand volleyball court and an expanded basketball court with seven baskets. The courts and walks are delineated with paver insets to enhance the pavement and guide pedestrians. Crosswalks tie the Student Recreation Center to the Physical Education Building, to the dorms and to future buildings to the north. An ornamental metal fence consistent with other fences about the campus encloses the sports court areas.

The landscape design preserves existing native trees and responds to the building and activity spaces. Overall, large deciduous trees and masses of evergreen trees soften the scale of the building. Ornamental trees and shrubs in beds of groundcover emphasize the building entries and provide users in the exercise room a pleasant view to the south. Care was taken to preserve the existing post oak groves on the site to provide an immediate green enclosure and backdrop to the mass of the new building.