Rancho Mercado

Full of of Family-Friendly Amenities

Rancho Mercado is themed as a fictional homestead that belongs to a ranching family, the Mercados. All of the built site elements will share a common “working ranch” vernacular, appearing to have been built over time out of materials readily available on site. The site is characterized by desert washes, rocky soil and native vegetation. The hardscape elements and amenities will be reflections of this unique identity, and will together establish the brand of the community. Form will follow function in the elegantly simple layouts that will integrate into their surroundings and age well over time. Entry monumentation will highlight the natural beauty of the site by emphasizing the use of ‘desert masonry’ walls, metal that appears to have been created by the local blacksmith, and dramatic arrangements of specimen native plants.


Mark Reddie Mark Reddie
Jason Crisanti Jason Crisanti