UNT Student Athletic Center

Training Facility Connects Students to the Football Stadium

On a 160-acre site south of the main campus, the new Athletic Center and Dining Hall at the University of North Texas are part of the phase one development planned for the future football stadium with adjacent residence halls and open space development. Our firm teamed with F&S Partners to design this new facility that will house the Athletic Department, offer state of the art training and sports medicine facilities, and provide site amenities to serve players, students, staff, and game day visitors.

The plaza north of the building will provide direct and ceremonial access to the football stadium. Initial plantings of large shade trees and plantings master planned as a part of the future stadium construction will provide a framed view to and from the stadium seating. South side entry plazas serve as the primary entrance for visitors. The student green, with its sweeping seat wall, ties directly to the residence hall pedestrian areas planned for construction adjacent to the dining hall. Ornamental fencing with masonry columns frame the stage and view of the fields from the building and amphitheater.

Near the building entrances, outdoor seating areas with plantings of native shrubs and perennials provide a shaded and colorful respite for visitors and students. Other site improvements include design of a cost-efficient and reliable sub-drain system for the practice fields and a large phase-one detention pond with sensitive grading and native grass plantings that creates an undulating, more natural bank edge.