Wylie Municipal Complex

An Inspiring Facility Emerging from Surrounding Design Cues

Our firm was part of the joint venture team Holzman Moss Bottino of New York and Architexas of Dallas to design a new civic home for the community of Wylie, Texas. A new City Hall, Recreation Center, and Library are joined into a long, narrow, serpentine-shaped building with each city function separated by two narrow courtyards and located behind the strong stone wall facade of the building.

This site is located on an open meadow just east of FM 1378. The broad meadows and wooded flood plains offered many design cues for creating the new landscape environment. The team used sustainable concepts for the selection and design of the building and site materials, introducing native plantings, water harvesting, bioswales to improve water quality run-off, reduced site lighting levels, and solar protection along the building’s southern side. The parking lots are curbless, scaled down to pedestrian levels, and oriented to facilitate pedestrian movement. Strong rows of courtyard trees direct pedestrians through the north stone wall into the narrow courtyards, framing great views of the south meadows, the creek’s tree line, and the flowering trees beyond. The site plan reinforces a strong northeast view down the old ROW of future FM 1378 to City Hall and allows pedestrian connections to a regional hike and bike trail planned along the existing creek to the south.